Saturday, July 17, 2010


So, I believe in second chances. Not the ones you read about in wistful novels with touching revelations on the meaning of life. No, I believe in the kind of second chance that you can only find after realizing that the best part of our worst mistakes is the scars they leave behind.
Nothing is more beautiful than seeing something bright in a bottomless pit filled to the brim with woe. Anyone can appreciate the joy inherent in a golden/pink/purple/periwinkle sunset, and possibly even tear up a little, but it takes real strength of spirit to look at a dead carrier pigeon and see the frailty of life personified-or pigeonfied, as the case may be.
So this, my friends, is to be a record of seeking out the lovely bits in the dark corners of the universe. Read on, brave traveler. To be continued.

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